Powered By The Sun

Solemyo - European Designed Solar Power System for Gate Automation

When the nearest mains power source is to far away to access, solar power is the simple solution.  Solemyo solar power systems are ideal for automation of gates such at the end of long driveways, when access to power requires excavation and installation of cable for connections. Of course Solemyo is also a simple and environmentally sound solution, using clean energy with the added benefit of being free.

Solemyo solar panel Nice automation for Sanctuary gates that are a distance from a power source.Solemyo comes with a Photovoltaic panel for 24V supply and a 24V battery box with control circuit, for powering the gate automation whenever you need it.  Replenished by the sun, power is readily available from the battery storage even at night time or in overcast conditions, throughout the year.

An optional auxilliary power supply is also available, as an alternative power source for the solar system.  This is handy for the backup or rapid recharging of the solar battery via mains power.




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