Need Safety Barriers or Pool Fencing? - Sanctuary® Dealers can help with balustrading as well 

With increased focus on building regulations, Sanctuary® dealers are also experienced in the manufacture and installation of a range of balustrades, whether it's as a safety barrier or for pool fencing. 

Choose from 3 differently finished styles, from the recognisable aluminium post balustrades, frameless heavyweight glass systems, or the prefabricated panel systems, which are perfect for landscaping projects.

All Balustrade systems offered by Sanctuary dealers are compliant with NZ Building Code regulations and only fitted by experienced installers.  

Aluminium Balustrades: Aluminium post balustrade systems with a range of baluster or glass infills.

Glass Balustrades: Balustrade systems that use heavyweight toughened glass to form safety barriers or pool fences, with a range of fixing options from disc anchors to upstanding strut posts. 

Prefabricated Balustrades: A range of premade aluminium baluster panels, which are ideal as a barrier where safety from a fall over 1m regulations apply, such as decks, retaining walls, and other high areas.

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