Perimeter Fencing - Prefabricated

Ideal For Enclosing Perimeters & Boundaries 

Sanctuary® Contemporary fencing is ideal for all types of perimeter fencing in residential homes, light commercial business settings, retirement villages, schools, kindergartens, or installed alongside Contemporary swimming pool fencing for a backyard that completely matches. 

Contemporary fencing was the perfect infill for this brick fence on a NZ homePremade Contemporary fencing is a popular lightweight panel, made from strong 18mm aluminium square balusters, double top rails, and cast aluminium components, for durable perimeter fencing that is ideal for all sorts of NZ settings.

Adding to the durability of Contemporary fencing is the quality powder coat finish, which is popular for its low maintenance demands and longevity in the harsh NZ environment. Contemporary prefabricated fencing can be powder coated in a colour of your choice from our range of popular colours, or in a standard satin black finish. Arrowheads available on 1200mm or 1800mm panels. 

WIDTH         2400mm (standard width)

HEIGHT       1200mm                                     


RAKED FENCE PANELSContemporary raked fencing on sloped front yard area follows the angle

What is a 'Raked' Fence Panel?

This is a panel that can be adjusted to an angle that naturally follows the contour of a slope. There are a couple of advantages of raked panels over fence panels that are 'stepped' down the hill, which is a common way to accommodate the sloped ground. Raked panels have a tapered finished look, angling gently down the slope and they are much easier to install, with their built-in flexibility.  

Contemporary raked fencing panels can be adjusted (up or down), to a maximum 12° angle, which is equivalent to a 500mm rise over 2400mm (maximum), on sloped areas.Contemporary fencing has 2 options for slopes stepped fence panels or raked fence panels

WIDTH   2400mm (standard width)

HEIGHT  1200mm 

NOTE: Raked or Stepped fence panels under 1200mm are NOT suitable for Swimming Pool Fencing.       


Replicating the residential (standard) fence panels, Contemporary Commercial Fencing has additional strengthening in the panels to withstand greater wear and tear that inevitably occurs when the area is used by more people. Using the same design, Commercial fence balusters are bolstered from 18mm to 25mm and double top rails are slightly thicker, which increases their size from 38mm to 40mm.   


Contemporary gates are fashioned from prefabricated panels that are an exact replica of the fence panels, Automated gate and Contemporary fencingfor a perfect continuation of the Contemporary Perimeter fencing. 

Or you can consider the Classic or Advante gate, which has a similar, compatible style with baluster infill and double top rails. 

Or for the ultimate in a stunning first impression for your place, there is nothing to stop you from choosing an Architectural styled gate.   

Contemporary Fence and gate on a modern home finishes off the entry to the backyard perfectly IN SATIN BLACK

Contemporary Perimeter fencing doubling as a pool fence, with a matching Contemporary gate

Contemporary fencing can be custom made to fit different fencing styles and finished in a powder coat colour of your choice

Contemporary fencing custom made to fit between established brick fence columns 

Contemporary fencing on sloped front yard area

Contemporary fencing including a raked (angled) panel are perfect for this sloped front yard

Contemporary fencing on sloped driveway

Powder coated in a lighter colour to match the house colour, this Contemporary perimeter fencing blends in effortlessly on this driveway

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