Pool Fencing 

Keep your pool area safe without comprising the finished look

Every swimming pool owner is required to fence their pool perimeter, securing the area from unsupervised children. This is the number one most important factor when you are choosing your pool fencing. All of the Sanctuary pool fencing range is compliant with NZ pool safety legislation and certified as such, which adds up to one less worry when you are choosing the pool fencing for your place.   

Once you are reassured about the compliance with safety regulations, you can think about what kind of pool fence you would like for your pool area. Of course, you need to have a clear view of your pool from all sides, but the fun bit is choosing the style of fencing that you like and Sanctuary® has this covered with a range of different options.

So, where do you start when there are so many types of pool fences available; ranging from DIY aluminium fence panels (available at large hardware/building stores) through to the latest in glass panel styles?  


A fence is required to enclose an area containing water more than 400mm deep. It must comply with pool safety legislation (NZBC Clause F9 and 162C of the Building Act). 

  • The minimum height for a pool fence is 1.2m above ground level
  • No space under the bottom of the gate or fence can be greater than 100mm from the ground, and there should be no other holes or gaps through which a child could access the pool area
  • Gates and existing doors must open away from the pool and automatically close and latch when released from a distance of 150mm from the open position.
  • No part of the pool enclosure should allow children to climb over the pool fence, including climbable objects such as tables rocks, and trees.

Note: this is an overview of the pool fencing regulations and a guide only.  For greater details on pool fencing regulations, you can contact your local council or visit the MBIE website (who administer the regulations). The best way to ensure you are following the pool regulations is to enlist the help of an expert who is familiar with installing compliant fencing.

Choosing your pool fence 

Aluminium fencing 

Contemporary pool fencing with matching pool gate by Sayers IndustriesSanctuary Contemporary Pool Fencing is a popular residential pool fencing solution, due to its lower price point and easy to install pre-made fencing panels. Contemporary fencing complies with NZ pool fencing regulations (NZBC Clause F9 and 162C of the NZ Building Act) and is available with matching gates, all with self-closing hinges and latches, as required by regulations.

Contemporary pool fencing panels are a standard 2400mm width, in four heights:

  • 1200mm (minimum height to meet pool fencing regulations)
  • 1350mm                       
  • 1500mm                    
  • 1800mm 

Made from lightweight, strong aluminium 18mm square balusters and double top rails, these pool fence panels are also available with arrowheads on the 1200mm or 1800mm high panels.  

High-quality cast aluminium components are used in the fencing, for durability and resistance to wear and tear. Available in a standard black colour or a choice of Dulux powder coat colours (with a 15 or 25-year surface finishing warranty depending on choice), Contemporary fencing can also be combined with glass balustrading finished in a matching colour, for a seamless finish.   

Aluminium & glass panel fencing 

Edge semi frameless balustrade and contemporary fencing for pool fencing NZMade from the popular Viking® or Edge® balustrade ranges, pool fencing with aluminium post and glass systems are a stylish option and often chosen as a more economical alternative to frameless glass balustrade fencing.  Glass pool fencing can also be mixed and matched with Contemporary pool fencing panels, and is often chosen for areas near the house, for the clearest visible views of the kids in the pool.

Note: Unlike balustrades fitted as a barrier, glass balustrades fitted for pool fencing do not require an interlinking top rail, making the semi-frameless post and glass finish a popular choice.   

Glass panel fencing

Edgetec® Mini Post frameless glass balustrades are a premium pool fencing solution, which are especially popular for their unrestricted pool views and sophisticated finished look. Toughened safety glass panels are held in place with high-quality aluminium posts, which can be finished in a range of powder coat colours, that match your home décor, or window and door joinery.  

Edgetec Mini Post pool fencing with matching glass gates

Combination of frameless glass balustrade JH Clamp and Contemporary aluminium fencing as pool fencing modern NZ home

House of the Year 2016 Gold award winner Edgetec Mini Post Pool Fencing

Mini Post frameless glass pool fencing was a stunning enhancement for this award winning renovation (Image thanks to Ashton Builders)

 Combination of frameless glass Mini Post balustrade and Contemporary fencing for pool fence


 Contemporary fencing barrier on large backyard pool

Contemporary aluminium pool fencing fixed between brick pillars around seperate pool

Edge Balustrade semi frameless glass balustrade used for Pool fencing

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