Modern Frameless Glass Balustrades

Edgetec® balustrades offer uninterrupted views

If you are looking for unobstructed views and a real 'wow' factor, you can't go past frameless glass balustrades, the ultimate in stylish barriers. 

Each of the Edgetec® frameless glass balustrade systems has a unique style for fixing glass panels to decks, stairs, or pool fencing in outdoor areas.  You can choose from round disc anchors, strut posts, rectangular or a fully enclosed, continuous channel system to fix the elegant heavyweight, toughened glass balustrade panels. 

Most Edgetec® balustrades use either 12mm or 15mm toughened safety glass panels, finished with a slim interlinking top rail that matches the balustrade colour. For a truly 'frameless' glass finish there are options for laminated, toughened glass panels that do not require a top rail, but these tend to be a more costly option that must be taken into consideration.

Note: An interlinking top rail is not required on Edgetec® frameless glass pool fencing.

Edgetec® Mini Post & Infinity® balustrades can be top fixed (installed directly on the top of the deck) or face fixed (installed on the front face of the deck), with or without hidden fixings. Whilst the Edgetec® JH Clamp™ and Double Disc Anchor balustrades are face fix only. All are finished in a powder coat colour of your choice and are engineered and tested to comply with the NZ building regulations, with appropriate documentation available for council consents.

Edgetec Mini Post and JH Clamp frameless glass balustrades satin black and interlinking rail 2

Edgetec® Mini Post - is an adjustable aluminium post clamping system (with hidden fixings) and is the most popular of our frameless balustrades. 

Edgetec® JH Clamp™ - a rectangular styled aluminium clamp set at 600mm centres, for a visually uncluttered look, with an option for hidden fixings. 


Edgetec Double Disc Anchor and Infinity balustrade frameless glass systems 2

Edgetec Infinity® - a cantilevered and continuous channel balustrade system, with internal clamps that fix the glass panels in place, without the need for holes in the glass. Matching front and back covers completely enclose the system for a truly sleek and elegant design.

Edgetec® Double Disc Anchor  - a 50mm diameter aluminium or stainless steel anchor fixing, for minimalist visual impact. Available in a choice of powder coated, satin, or polished stainless steel finishes.

Juralco Balustrades are fitted with NZ toughened safety glass and are engineered and tested to comply (and exceed) the NZ Building Code and NZ standards NZS4203, NZS4223.3.2016, and NZS1170.  


Edgetec Mini Post Balustrade with matching top rail in a satin black finish

Front deck with stunning Infinity frameless glass balustrades and Interlinking Rail fitted lr

Edgetec Infinity balustrade with a matching top rail in a silver powder coat finish

Edgetec JH Clamp with handrail on glass down 2 floors

Edgetec JH Clamp Balustrade with a matching handrail on a beach house entrance stairway

Edgetec JH Clamp frameless glass balustrade protecting the barrier on this cliffside home

Edgetec JH Clamp frameless glass balustrade makes a stunning barrier on this cliffside home

Edgetec Infinity Balustrade with tinted glass on first floor deck

Edgectec Infinity balustrade was custom made with a tinted glass infill on the first floor deck, to cut down on the glare of the afternoon sun in the summer

Double Disc Frameless Glass Balustrade with interlinking rail Inside shot

Edgetec Double Disc Anchor balustrade in a stainless steel finish with silver top rail

Edgetec Mini Post frameless glass balustrade with interlinking top rail that matches the post colour

Edgetec Mini Post balustrade with interlinking top rail that matches the post colour

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