Pre-made Balustrade Panels

Prefabricated Balustrade Panels can also double as Fences

Specially designed as entry-level barriers for protection against falls, when there is a drop of 1 metre or more, the Homestead® and Contemporary systems are reliable safety barricades that are fully compliant with NZ Building Code requirements.

Sitting somewhere between custom made aluminium balustrades and modular fencing, these prefabricated balustrades are an ideal solution for residential outdoor areas where a barrier is required, such as decks, retaining walls, and fencing on hillside homes. 

Balustrading large scale or sloped areas are not an issue, with standard and angled raking panels (up to 35°) easily sourced and installed.   

  • Conforms to NZ Building code & AS/NZ1170 regulations
  • Raking panels available for sloping installations, including stairs
  • Residential applications only
  • Standard fixed panel size suits most requirements
  • Powder coated in NZ, in a colour of your choice 
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Installation by experienced & network of nationwide dealers

Homestead® Balustrade Homestead balustrade is perfect for the retaining wall alongside the lake in Queenstown for safety from falling NZF4 

Prefabricated Homestead® panels, combine stylish aluminium frames and square balusters to form a 975mm high panel or optional raking panel.  Designed and tested to meet and exceed NZ Building Code regulations, Homestead balustrades are powder coated in NZ in a colour to match your homes décor or outdoor features.

  • Panel size: 1360mm long x 975mm
  • Raked panel: Accommodates angles (sloping) up to 35 degrees  
  • Available as top fix or face fix 
  • Can be installed on waterproof and floating decks with the Homestead gutter bracket
  • Can be colour coated in range of colours to coordinate with colours around your home
  • 15 or 25 Year Dulux Powder Coating (surface integrity) warranty  

Contemporary Balustrade Contemporary Balustrade on a retaining wall as a barrier for safety from falling compliance

Designed specifically for outdoor applications where a balustrade is essential for safety from falling, particularly on retaining walls or hillside sites. 

  • Panel size: 1435mm long x 1200mm high
  • Standard panels: Welded construction
  • Raked panel: Accommodates angles up to 11 degrees  
  • Raked panel: Rivetted construction
  • Can be top or face fixed
  • 15 or 25 Year Dulux Powder Coating (surface integrity) warranty  

Homestead balustrade blends into the background on this stunning schist retaining wall alongside a park

Homestead Balustrade raking panels angle and follow the contour of the slope easily

Homestead balustrade raking angled panels are perfect for this sloping retaining wall

When retaining walls require safety barriers, Homestead balustrades are ideal 

Homestead balustrade is ideal for a combination of fencing and safety barrier for outdoor areas on hills or retained walls

Prefabricated Homestead Balustrade Panels are ideal as a compliant safety barrier and fencing for outdoor areas on hillsides or substantial retaining walls

Contemporary Balustrade combines the great features of the fencing with compliant balustrade features2

Contemporary Balustrade is ideal for outdoor areas where a safety barrier is required along with fencing

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