Privacy Screens

Privacy and style in outdoor areas

In NZ, the standard solution for outdoor privacy used to be to build a solid fence, but these days there are some great modern screens you can install instead, which not only look better but are also more durable. 

Using a range of top-quality aluminium infills or toughened, tinted glass, Sanctuary® Privacy Screens are ideal for blocking out prying eyes, helping people to get rid of feeling like they are on display in their outdoor area.

There are many choices of privacy screen solutions, so some important points to think about are;

  • What do you require from the screen? Do you need it to act as just a privacy screen or as a windbreak as well? Windbreaks require more heavy-duty Sanctuary® fittings to withstand wind forces, which can impact on your choice of privacy screen.     
  • Do you need the screen to let in natural light? If your privacy screen is near an indoor area you probably don't want any of your natural light blocked. Therefore you want to think about a tinted glass finish, or an aluminium slat finish, with spaces between the slats to let in light.
  • Do I want a privacy screen that makes a real statement or blends in? Whether you want a bold or complimentary screen, you should start by picking out features of your home such as colours, fixtures, or finishes and either incorporating that style into your screen or mirroring it to come up with an opposite style.   

Of course, like all our Sanctuary® Fence and Gate range, privacy screens are powder coated in a colour of your choice, in our NZ plant, using the best of Dulux powder coat finishes. Our colour range has been carefully selected to reflect popular colours for window joinery or roofing in NZ homes, so you can happily colour match to existing features in your home.  

With a 5 year warranty for all Sanctuary® Privacy screens and a 15 or 25-year surface finish warranty depending on choice, you can be reassured of the quality and durability of your screen.

Edge Balustrade used as a wind break with tinted glass for privacy

An example of tinted glass privacy screen with posts finished in the same colour as the joinery to complement the home's style.   

  • Custom made in a range of aluminium or tinted glass infills and finishes
  • Finished in a powder coat colour of your choice
  • Privacy screens can also act as excellent windbreaks or outdoor divisions.

Sanctuary Privacy Screens louvre infill in colour to match homes joinery

Privacy screen perfectly positioned for enjoying the front yard on a busy street without being viewed

Louvre infill in between concrete block pillars on modern home

Edge Balustrade Privacy screen Omaha

Edge Framed Glass Balustrade with Louvre Screen Cropped

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