Simple & Stylish Automation

Automatically open or close your gate from the comfort of the car

FLO2 Nice automation 2 channel transmitter remoteIs your gate big and heavy, are you sick of getting cold or wet opening your gate, or do you need to control your gate from inside your house?  Then you need top-notch, reliable automation for automatically operating your gates, whatever the situation. 

Nice automation is designed and manufactured in Europe for a range of different sized gates in a variety of environments. Focused on reliability and usability, Nice automation uses electromechanical gear motors with built-in safety features such as obstacle detection, deceleration on opening and closing, and special keys for manual release in the event of battery failure. Easily operated at the touch of a button, options for additional wireless control functions help you even more to overcome the inconvenience of having to manually open and close your gate. 


Swing gates operate on hinges and so long as there are suitable posts, gates up to a maximum of 3.5 metres wide can be accommodated. Nice Automation Toona motor for Sanctuary gates swing gatesThey are suitable for driveways where there is not enough room for a sliding gate to slide, or if the surrounding area is uneven, sloping, or inaccessible.


  • Swing gates only require a decent set of hinges to install, no need to fit a concrete track footing 
  • Less complicated to install
  • You don't have to worry about keeping tracks clear





Nice Automation makes opening and closing a large sliding gate easy from the car and inside the homeAutomated sliding gates usually have a single panel or leaf which slides on a track using a ratchet attached to the gate panel. Sliding gates require a long narrow space for the gate to slide along during the opening and closing phases. This type of gate is the ideal solution for wide entrances or for entrances placed where space inside the property is insufficient to enable the opening of a swing gate. 



Sanctuary Architectural slat infill gate double panel swing with automation on sloping driveway and distant from home

Sanctuary Architectural horizontal slat infill gate double panel swing with automation on sloping driveway and distant from home

Nice Automation swing Sanctuary Architectural Slat Gate from inside or outside

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